Peak Into our Chinese New Years Party at La Muse.

If there’s one thing that people underestimate about China in the West it is its diversity. There is a tendency to see China as one homogenous block, a sort of mono culture. Though in reality many of the things we see as representing China, are regional. The fact is that Kung Pao Chicken represents Shanghai as much as Pasta could represent Poland.

Compounding this is China’s rapid modernization as old tropes and symbolism fail to incorporate the modern Chinese diaspora. As Canada’s and in turn Montreal's Chinese population grows so does its cultural impact, and that goes beyond just food.

Recognizing this, when coming up with an idea for a Chinese New Year shoot, their eventually seemed only one logical place to go, KTV. Something that is beloved countrywide.

KTV is Chinese cultures contribution to the Montreal nightlife canon, while the Irish gave us Pubs, and the Arabic community brought Shisha bars, KTV stands along side them as part of Montreals increasingly diverse nightlife scene.

We were lucky enough to link up with our friends at La Muse who were happy to show us a good time and let us experience China’s most popular way to party.