Looking for Love With influenceu

We sat down with 7 of our Montreal friends to ask them about love, dating and their perfect partner.

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Name: Isabelle

IG: @isabellestern

Age: 22

From: Montreal

Info: A singer by trade, this Montreal resident seems to have high standards when it comes to anything below the waist, expressing a keen interest in the way a guy walks and the quality of his shoes. She said her perfect date would be at a “Spa” though when walking us through it she seemed to even bore herself.

Isabelle is wearing: Ashley Williams tee, Ashley Williams jeans, alexanderwang.t jacket, Kenzo sneakers, GCDS earrings and Moschino sunglasses.

Name: CPTHEOG (Don’t ask what CP Stands for)


Age: 22

From: Montreal

Info: CP expressed a keen interest in mini-putt and a host of adult activities. He is very fond of “The Booty”, “Twerking” and is looking for a girl who can cook.

CP is wearing Fred Perry shirt and Y-3 sneakers.

Name: Yaz

IG: @yazbodyshop

Age: 24

From: Montreal

Info: Yaz is a personal trainer in the greater Montreal Area. He REALLY seems to love the gym and said he wasn’t above using modern dating apps to pick up potential clients. We’re hoping he has a gym buddy this Valentines day.

Yaz is wearing GCDS anorak, Nothin' Special tee, MISBHV pants and Champion sneakers.

Name: Daniella

IG: @danielasuarezfit

Age: 22

From: Columbia

Info: Though Daniella insisted she wasn’t "picky" she also demands that any potential partner works out 5 days-a-week, buys her gifts often and even writes her a song. Also tall guys can skip past this, if you're not specifically between 5’6 and 5’8 she’s not interested.

Daniella is wearing alexanderwang.t dress, alexanderwant.t boots, alexanderwang.t handbag, Ashley Williams earrings.

Name: Dahye

IG: @heydahye

Age: 22

From: Korea

Info: Disliking messy guys and with a soft spot for the geeky, Dahye is happiest when she’s with a partner at the museum or art gallery.

Dahye is wearing alexanderwang.t shirt, alexanderwang.t pants, MISBHV heels, alexanderwang.t bag and GCDS earrings.

Name: Zach (AKA, Flu Roslyn, AKA Bugs Bunny, AKA “His mothers favourite son”)

IG: @fluroslyn

Age: 24

From: Montreal

Info: Mr Roslyn informed us that because of the “incident” he can’t currently drive or even stay out that late. He’s looking for a girl who looks good while running and that “has a nice mouth.”

Zach is wearing Alexander Wang sweater, IH NOM UH NIT pants and Puma sneakers.

Name: Eddy

IG: @emnaysia

Age: 22

From: Montreal

Info: Eddy is a rapper who admits he needs a girl to be at least pretty, no matter if your white, black, asian or... Italian.

Eddy is wearing Kenzo sweater, Kenzo pants and influenceu fanny pack.