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The interviewer gets interviewed. The man behind MONTREALITY media outlet let us pick his brain on a nice May afternoon, giving us insights as to how MONTREALITY came to be, spirituality, the key to success and many many more gems. @legendofsina @MONTREALITY

The interviewer gets interviewed. The man behind MONTREALITY media outlet let us pick his brain on a nice May afternoon, giving us insights as to how MONTREALITY came to be, spirituality, the key to success and many many more gems.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who are you?

Sina, 90s baby.

What do you do?

I document conversations with artists/influencers, aiming to inspire everyone on the come-up. Inspiration is the fuel we all need for creativity on a higher level. I strive to capture that magic in every episode. Interviewing is an Art & I practice it as such. (I’m not a journalist tho)


MONTREALITY is a place where stories are told. Me & my bro/partner Daniel (without whom this would never be possible) been putting in work since 2011. Our unique set of questions & interview format inspire artists to let their guards down and simply have fun. is where the jewels & gems are collected. It’s like a museum or better yet, a treasury. Interviewers usually suck, they suffocate artists with redundant & snooze-worthy questions to the point where a lot of artists have stopped doing interviews. Our interviews are timeless - Something that the fans of each artist can relate to and cherish forever. MONTREALITY is a solid platform in a city where there aren’t many, showing love to & sharing our resources with local artists is a vital part of the movement.

Montréal artists to look out for?

The Posterz, Planet Giza, JaSon Shay, Green Hypnotic, CJ Flemings, High Klassified, Zeina, Jei Bandit, Da-P, Treh LaMonte, KGoon, Yen Dough, Naadei, Slumdon, Lou Phelps, Wasiu, Blicky, ElonSkee, FebruaryCxld, muGz, Magnum, Tommy Kruise, FrapBoyz, HRMNY, CeasRock, Misa, Speng + the ones I’m forgetting !

What to Expect from you in 2016?

MONTREALITY is levelling up ! We’ve been working on a fresh new look since November 2015. It’s been our main focus and will be launching this month. New content on the menu as well: MONTREALITY cyphers, buncha new interviews, fun documentaries, events/concerts in Montréal + so much more.

What’s your favorite emoji?

My fav. is the Crystal Ball emoji, it represents me best. It’s mysterious & has a certain charm to it..

Favorite Hip-Hop artists of all time?

Eminem. I probably wouldn’t have fallen in luv with Hip Hop if it wasn’t for Em.

OutKast. Both 3 Stacks & Daddy Fat Sax equally, their entire discography is light years ahead. The fly rhymes & intergalactic melodies are the soundtrack to my life.

NAS. His poetry inspired me to start writing. “It Was Written” is godly.

Kendrick Lamar. Young prophet, a Legend in the making.

What’s on your playlist right now?

currently have 2 moods ..

Drake / Jeezy - Unforgettable

Kodak Black - No Flockin'

Favorite Hip-Hop song of all time?

Gang Starr - Moment of Truth

( play that shii at my funeral )

If you ever had a thank you speech...who would be the first person you thank?

My big brother Bad News Brown. The world’s 1st Hip Hop harmonica player & one of the most compassionate souls I’m blessed to have met in this journey. I started off as an intern for Bad News alongside his manager Henry and after a while I was his executive assistant. He put me on, he was my mentor. Always kept me grounded and taught me so much about the industry. He brought me on tour, schooled me, protected me & still watches over me. Without his guidance there would be no MONTREALITY .. I love you News. Merci.

Celebrity Crush? 

Yoko Ono

Favorite interview of all time?

The one with Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan is my all-time favorite. It was 4AM in the lobby of his hotel and Ghostface was loving the interview. When I asked the last question (what's your message to the youth), he poured his heart out. He went on talking for about 15 minutes to answer that question (I was lowkey tearing up while filming). His message was very profound, you gotta peep it for daily motivation !

If you can chose anyone in the world to interview, who would it be?

Akira Toriyama & Stan Lee. 2 of my biggest *influences*, the Dragon Ball & Marvel universes boosted my imagination beyond this dimension .. & since we’re talking about influences, major s/o to Pokémon !

What's your Fetish?

Ah yoooo. My ultimate fetish is pretty feet. My lady gotta have pretty feet, s'very important.

Fav. Book?

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

Most Treasured Item in your Possession?

One of Bad News Brown’s harmonicas & a pair of his Nikes.

If you were on Death Row what would your last meal be?

A cup of tea & some bomb grilled cheese. 

Chase your wildest dreams (the ones that give you butterflies)

Don't let anyone step on you / Don't step on anyone.

Embrace your weirdness. Always have fun.

Stay devoted. Teach what you learn.

When in doubt, listen to your heart.

Be thankful no matter what.


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