Talking stage style with local Montreal musician Clerel.

Montreal based musician Clerel is a busy man, not only does he sing in two bands, but also has a solo EP coming out soon. However he still found time to swing by the store on valentines day to bring a bit of cheer to some of the lonely hearts here at the store by playing us a few tunes. You can watch him perform "Lonely Dance" below.

Clerel is wearing Kenzo Overshirt, Kenzo Pants, Y3 Sneakers and Kenzo Socks.

From his crooner stylings when fronting "The Hurt" to his more eclectic outfits when providing vocals for "Only the Righteous" Clerel is someone who understands the importance of fashion in music. In our interview we talk about the importance of creating a live experience and pulling an audience into a performers world through visuals as well as sound.

You can catch Clerel playing shows in many great intimate venues around Montreal, and we would suggest you do before he moves onto bigger things.