Winter in The City: Keeping warm and looking good in Montreal’s most historic neighborhood

For our winter shoot, we could think of no better place to go than the streets of the city that birthed us. We’ve survived our fair share of winters, being here for over two decades. And for all the praise that Montreal summers get it’s easy to overlook the beauty of Montreal's other major season.

Though the first thing that comes to mind is the falling temperatures, Montreal is a city that thrives in the winter cold. No other city in the world can stake a claim on Montreal's ability to face winter head-on, maintaining its iconic cultural mix at the same time. And nowhere knows how to dress for the cold quite like the residents of Quebec's largest city.

From the picturesque streets of old port to the ever fashionable and forward thinking neighbourhoods that make up downtown Montreal, it’s a city made for, and to a large extent by winter.

The good times, however, don’t stop when the snow comes. Growing events like Iglofest show that the cities residents wont be stopped from partying by something as simple as freezing temperatures. And while we say goodbye to street food festivals universally beloved dishes such as poutine provide comfort as the days get shorter. And every passing year seems to bring variations on the classic dish, a culinary metaphor for keeping your culture in a new and testing climate.

Fashion then, although more functional than the summer, keeps its place as a Montreal hallmark and part of the fabric of the city.