Emerging Montreal Artist; Zeina, stopped by our studio for a small Q&A and Photoshoot. She just dropped her first official track, Trials, describing the challenges and “hoops” you have to jump through for love.

Who are you?

Singer x songwriter / woman of all traits 💫

Where are you from?

I'm a product of the milky way

Whats on your playlist?

Amy whinehouse and Lauryn Hill all day with a touch of Jay Z and J Cole 👌🏽

What brands are on your Radar?

Not really a specific brand kinda gal, but I'm still waiting on that Baby Phat comeback

Is their a particular artist you look up to?

Amy Whinehouse


her raw voice makes me feel some type of way.

Montreal artists we should know about?

Bad News Brown

Would you rather fight 100 chicken sized horses or 1 horse sized chicken ?

100 chicken sized horses so I can lowkey take one home

Who or what inspired this song?

ouuuhhhh the mystery of my muse must stay a mystery

Do you write all your own song?


Who's your favourite ghost writer


What are you obssesed with right now?

FROYO gives me life

Celebrity Crush?

Frank Sinatra

Spirit Animal?

Does jigglypuff count?

What made you pursue music as a career?

I decided to follow my heart instead of following what everyone else expected me to pursue. Trynna make my 10 year old self proud of me ✨

Are their any other career paths you want to follow ?

Any other branches that stem from the tree of music is cool but music is the main focus.

Are you working on any personal projects?

Definitely! But whats the fun in giving it away 🙊

What should we be anticipating from - in 2016 & Beyond?



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