Descente Down Coats & Jackets for Women

A brand that is built to beat the elements. 'Allterrain' entails the capacity to excel in a wide variety of conditions. While being of exceptional quality and designed for extreme conditions, the brand is inspired by the sentiment that less is more. By following this mantra Descente's designs transcend the times and the trends, creating timeless products. The creative focus of ALLTERRAIN designs is unprecedented. Defined by the adage that 'form follows function' means Descente products are characterized by their unbeatable craftsmanship, functionality and quality. Design is of the utmost importance to the Descente brand, any and all details serve a purpose in practicality, rather than visual aesthetics. 

Descente - Mizusawa Down Jacket 'Mountaineer-L'


Mizusawa Down Jacket 'Mountaineer-L'